Thursday, November 15, 2012

Introducing: The Heroes!

Small post again, as I'm knee deep in working on three games currently as well as a veritable mountain school work.

Production on my final project for Game Design Theory and Culture is officially underway, and full production will probably begin sometime next week after our next to last project is turned in. As I previously stated, this game will be a top-down RPG as a tribute to my favorite game series: Final Fantasy. That said, I'm starting to discover a few problems with working solely with the Gamemaker GUI especially in relation to an RPG and I've already had to jury rig a few things to get them to work and I'm barely even 1% of the way through development. Oh how I wish I was allowed to use RPGMaker or even scripts!

Back on topic, last time I showed you a few sprites for some enemies that will make an appearance in the game. This time, I present to you: The Heroes!

Zane is the main character of this RPG. Orphaned at a young age as all good JRPG characters were, Zane was raised by the military as a child soldier. The game starts off with his first real assignment. Unfortunately, you won't see the repercussions of said assignment because this RPG is due in a playable form by the end of December, so you will have to be left in an eternal cliffhanger!

Esuna is another Orphan and probably the only friend Zane has. (Oh! Tragic Past AND Friendless! The JRPG soup thickens!) Esuna is even younger than Zane and decides to tag along to help him in his quest because Orphans and Street Rats really have nothing better to do. My only question is, who let this little girl go on such a dangerous mission!? Esuna is a bit eccentric and peppy, showing off her glowing personality in her obscure and frankly weird sense of fashion. (HINT: It's the "prettiest" amalgamation of rags she could find.)

Mathieu is the third in our traditional party of four, and he is a young Ranger of Kent. Kent usually chooses a dark, Hunter green to represent itself, and so Mathieu wears an outfit sporting his nation's colors. It also doubles as camouflage! While older than Zane, Mathieu still isn't quite an adult meaning that the next character has to be our token older dude!

Meet Master Park. Aside from just stepping out of the 80's, Master Park is a Major in Kent's military meaning he's also known as Major Master Park. Notice the Hunter green ensemble. Unfortunately for Master Park, tragic things happen to him throughout the course of the story. Luckily for him, he gets off lucky as the game will end long before any "unfortunate" circumstances were to befall him. Good for you Master Park! So why isn't Zane wearing green armor if he's also a part of Kent's military? Well, for one, green plate armor is hard to come by and two, ::REDACTED FOR SPOILERS::.

So there's your motley band of heroes for the RPG I'm making. Next month I'll be posting up my final project for better or for worse for all of you to play around in. Until next time!