Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mana Clash Alpha 1

The download for Mana Clash Alpha 1 can be found here.

What is Mana Clash?

Mana Clash is a simple puzzle game in which you control falling pairs of Elemental Mana, very similar to the NES game Dr. Mario. By matching four of a particular color in a row, you can clear out Mana Blocks that are preventing your character from casting the required spell. When all of the blocks in a particular stage are cleared out, the spell is cast and play resumes to a more difficult stage (Or, at least it would but I only have one level enabled in Alpha 1.)


Arrow Keys: Move the Mana pair around the screen.
Ctrl: Rotate the Mana Pair Counter-clockwise.
Alt: Rotate the Mana Pair Clockwise.
P: Pauses the game.

Misc. Notes:

Currently, this is a bare bones working version of level one of the game. When you clear all of the blocks, the game continues on indefinitely until you either exit, or get Game Over. You can reload the level after Game Over.

In order to run the game, download and unzip the .rar file. Then, in the destination you unzipped it to, look for the "Mana Clash v.0.6.exe" file and simply double click it to run. Feel free to rename the file in order to make it easier to find, but do not remove it from the folder with the rest of the files. The .exe needs all of those other files in order to run properly.

Future releases will see all of the additions you would expect such as scaling difficulty, level progression, score keeping, and other assorted UI improvements. Ultimately, I plan on adding controller and Multi-player support as well.


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