Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mana Clash Beta 1

The download for the new version can be found here.

So, I know I promised you the next version of Mana Clash in two weeks. Well, I lied. I decided to get down to business and hammer out the game so I have it done well ahead of schedule. In fact, as soon as I'm done posting this, I'm going to immediately start working on Beta 2 (though I do not anticipate it to be done before next week.) This would put Beta 2's release sometime next week, and the full version of the game available around the middle of August.

Unfortunately, I have decided that I am going to have to cut some of the content I originally planned for this game. I had originally wanted to include multi-play, but I feel that adding that element will take valuable time away from my other projects. As I stated before, the purpose of these games are to practice my ability as a programmer, and this game just isn't challenging me in the way it used to. That's not to say I won't revisit this game later on down the line and add in multiplayer mode, but it's not a priority for me at the moment. I should have a better idea of what is and is not going to be available at launch once I finish Beta 2 and see where I am.

Now, onto the meat of the topic. The change log!

- Added new graphics to differentiate between the elements eliminated.
- Added subtle animations to all of the Mana Blocks.
- You will now be able to preview your next Mana Pair in the upper Right hand corner of the screen.
- Added an animated Mage character in the upper right hand corner to represent the player.
- Put a placeholder stat board in the lower right of the screen. In this build it serves no purpose, but will be used to give the player basic game information in future releases.

As explained previously, the changes for Beta 1 and Beta 2 are mostly cosmetic changes aimed at making the UI a little more friendly. Also, I must apologize for my awful art. I am not an artist! My amateur attempts at game art are undoubtedly shining through with this release, but we're here to play the game, not critique the art. Right? ... right?

With Beta 2 I plan on finishing the game screen. Release will contain the scoring and level progression that will bring this beyond being just a demo. Ideally, I would love to add sound, but as bad as I am at graphics, I'm much worse at music. We'll see about that when I get there. Until next time, enjoy!

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