Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mana Clash Beta 2

The download for the new version can be found here.

Yes, I have been very busy working on finishing the game this week. This is it, Beta 2! This is the final release before the full version. After all the work I put into this game over the past week, I'm going to take a short break before I get down to business and blitz through what's left to complete the game. You can expect the full release 2 weeks from now at the latest, though schedule permitting and no problems withstanding, it might be available within a week's time.

Now, as this is the Beta v2 I would appreciate any and all feedback as I work to complete the game. I will be submitting this to pygame.org to feature and allow others to download and the last thing I want to happen is discover some game breaking bug after it's submitted. Of particular interest is a bug regarding controllers that my friend Neil pointed out to me after Beta 1 release. I put a work around in Beta 2 for those that do not have controllers, but I cannot duplicate the error on my machine, so I have no way of knowing if it is fixed for this release or not.

The Changelog this time around is rather small, but here it is:

- Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash if the first mana pair in a game was rotated at specific intervals during gameplay.
- Tweaked Controller settings to allow the game to run if the user does not have a controller plugged into their PC. (I hope. I need more feedback on this!)
- Added basic game information that shows the level, speed, and number of blocks remaining.
- Added animated sprites to represent the different elements outside the game board.

There's still a lot that needs to be done in order to complete this game. At this point I'm not sure what I will keep and what I will cut to get a workable game done and out of the way. Most of my decisions in this regard are going to be made on the fly as I work on finishing the game. If there is a feature you really want to see, let me know! Otherwise, as I said in my last post, even post-release I may work on the game here and there to include some of the features I wanted in my original draft. Until next time, enjoy!

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